Luke Barker

Luke Barker


Luke is highly regarded for his effective and strategic treatment approach, particularly for people living with a disability. He is also sought-after in the corporate health community. Luke has been a lifelong gymnast and martial artist with a background in Kung Fu. In 1998, he became the Australian National Kung Fu champion and has since fostered his skills as an instructor and competitor. 

Through his sporting pursuits, Luke cultivated a passion for how the body works and moves. It was this passion, coupled with a serious lower back injury, that led Luke to a career in myotherapy. He is now completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science on path to a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.

While seeking to educate people about injury prevention and self awareness, Luke believes in listening to your body to achieve optimal health. Luke’s interests include working with people with complex care needs, postural habits, tension headaches and musculoskeletal pain. He specialises in kinetic chains and the rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries.

A valuable member of Good Health Group Clinic, Luke is currently not available on-site due to high demand from special needs clients requiring treatment off-site. If you are living with a disability, and require treatment from home or an alternative location, please contact us on 03 9505 0595 or email: 
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