Paula Rooney

Paula Rooney

Yoga Teacher 

Paula first became interested in the practice of yoga after a very eye opening trip to India 15 years ago. Drawn to the synchronisation of breath with movement, the appeal quickly also spread to the philosophies and teachings of yoga. Finding an almost instant sense of peace, stillness, strength and clarity through her practice, she was hooked.

Having studied and trained in a number of different types of yoga, Paula specialises in the practice of yin. This practice accesses the deeper fascia layers in the body, helps balance the internal organs and increases circulation. 

Paula believes that yoga has something to offer everyone and that practicing yoga brings a number of benefits, both physical and mental for all yogis both on and off the mat. 
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Class Info

Students are guided through the slower paced but equally challenging practice of yin yoga. A great balance to the more fast paced yang types of classes. Long holds aiming at working the bodies connective tissue whilst helping you explore your edge. Find stillness and greater depth in poses while working with the breath.

Classes run for 1 hour at 9.30am and 10.45am every Saturday
$20 per class
$90 for 5 classes 
$180 for 10 classes

Bookings: or phone/text to 0405 127 465

Instagram: lovesquirrelyoga
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