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The studio 

Our boutique studio has a heart and soul, which was designed to fashion physical transformation, mental clarity and emotional tranquility. We understand the importance of connecting these 3 elements to cultivate effective healing and the manifestation of good health. 


In our fast pace society it is becoming ever more apparent just how important it is to 'pause' and be truly mindful of all things around us. Research shows that regular mindfulness practice is effective at treating depression and anxiety, as well as promoting resilience, peace and joy. 

But how do we be mindful? Explore the science behind a spectrum of mindfulness practices, whilst providing easy and practical ways to start, increase, and improve, your daily mindfulness.


Allow your mind to calm. Be still and at peace, letting go of day-to-day stresses, as you are guided into a state of deep relaxation. Receive positive suggestions to help your subconscious mind to 'let go'. 

Learn to allow your thoughts of worry, and feelings of negativity, to pass by without being trapped by them. With regular practice your mind will eventually start to do this naturally throughout day-to-day life. Achieve clarity and focus through meditation.

Studio Fitness 

Join a class


HIIT that! 

High Intensity Interval Training which is predominantly focused on bodyweight exercises, which are playful and always varied. Warm up games are followed by a total body experience working every muscle of the body. Always integrating the core and finishing with light stretches and breathing.


A circuit style warm up, followed by fun and sometimes challenging boxing combos that gets the heart pumping and everyone interacting. The class will always include core & upper strength movements. Light upper body stretches to finish.

Hard Core & The Rolling Foams 

Pilates inspired exercises with the use of foam rollers for core development. There is also emphasis on increasing mobility and releasing muscular tension.

Functional circuit

A playful class to get people smiling and burn some calories along the way. There's a focus on getting people moving freely but also technique driven movements to build strength across the entire body. Core & glute muscles are targeted heavily. 


Stretching with the band

A more simplistic and soothing class with elongated stretches on the mats, some yoga inspired poses and the use of resistance bands & straps. This is followed by relaxation breathing and rest.

Stretching with balls & The Rolling Foams

A rejuvenating stretch class using massage balls and foam rollers in order to release stiffness in your calves, knees, hips, lower and upper back. As your muscles relax, aches and pains begin to fade. This class also has a calming effect on the mind and the emotions.  

Slow flow restorative stretching

This class contains an alignment-based flow of stretches to increase circulation to constricted muscles, easing tension around the joints and relaxing the mind. The last 15 minutes of class is a series of restorative stretches to calm the nervous system and allow for deep rejuvenation.  

Exclusive Group Classes

Do you prefer to train privately and exclusively with your best friends, work mates, mothers, sporting or social groups? We'll customise an exclusive training program just for you and your team of besties. Prepare for a lot of fun!
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