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Specialising in helping people with disability

Good Health Group Clinic is home to one of the few myotherapist teams who specialise in treating people with disabilities. Through a decade of experience and continuous innovation, we have identified effective ways to improve the lives and performance of people living with disabilities. 

Our team


Myotherapist / Zen Shiatsu Practitioner



We conduct a thorough initial assessment on each client which may take approximately 4-6 sessions depending on the individual’s circumstance. 

This allows us to build rapport and trust, test environmental changes (i.e. assessments in different locations and positioning) and learn our client's cues and idiosyncrasies, all of which help us to achieve effective treatment outcomes. 


We may assess our clients in multiple environments: on the treatment table, upon the client's bed, on a yoga mat, in a wheelchair, at day placement, during activities or sports, outdoors, walking, or in a lounge or reading room.
With thorough observation and our holistic approach, we can consider all aspects of the patient’s life and how they respond to environmental changes. 


We help our clients and their caretakers/families save on the cost of time, travel and transportation by travelling to them at no extra cost. 

Our service area covers suburbs from Melbourne CBD out to surrounding areas such as Rosebud, Frankston, Berwick, Werribee, Melton, Essendon, Bundoora, Ringwood and Ferntree Gully.  

Team approach

Some of our assessment and treatment sessions may involve two myotherapists consulting one client. By partnering with a fellow myotherapist, we can actively brainstorm and exchange ideas to obtain multiple perspectives and feedback during the assessment period. 

Client comfort

During the assessment, we identify our client’s interests (music, objects, pictures, blankets, toys, scarves, sensory items, an auditory stimulus, topics of conversation etc.) to promote comfort and engagement during treatment.  

Many people find themselves expanding their comfort zones during the initial assessment and treatment period. This process may take time, patience, dedication and commitment.

Cues & idiosyncrasies

Our myotherapists identify if a client has any particular cues and idiosyncrasies such as scratching the face, biting their hand or wrist, making noises, facial expressions, grabbing or squeezing, bodily movements and actions. We are then able to respond accordingly and make adjustments to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and safe.

Our goal is to empower all of our clients with disability and to promote independence and self-confidence. 

We advise our patients from the outset to communicate verbally or with cues (especially for non-verbal clients) if they feel uncomfortable or if something is too painful or challenging. 


In order to understand our client’s needs (especially many of our clients who are non-verbal), we may integrate several key people from his or her life to facilitate treatment objectives. By working with loved ones and other people who are closely associated, we can also gain insight into history, background, cues, habits and general nature.

These people may include parents, siblings, key workers, staff members, day placements and caretakers, exercise/activity venues and instructors, sporting coaches and other allied health practitioners.

We may also involve two myotherapists for one client. Our team of practitioners will review each person’s progress periodically to ensure that we have as much valuable input and innovative ideas as possible to create a positive outcome.

Client privacy

We respect and protect our client's privacy, confidentiality and integrity at all times and always seek prior consent with regards to any situation pertaining to client information. Empowering our clients is of the utmost importance to us.

Choice & control

We also take a person-centred approach; we design our treatment and management plans to meet the needs of each individual whilst maximising their choice and control.

Personalised treatment for your loved one with a disability is just a phone call away. Give us a call today to improve his or her life in a holistic way.

The big picture

To maintain a goal-oriented treatment plan, we will set short-term goals with a bigger picture in mind. Our practitioners take a life course approach that responds to personal needs and aspirations at various milestones and transitions in life. 
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